Rolling Grill Shutters

Rolling grill shutters are the technologically advanced rolling shutter with, Galvalume material consist of 55% aluminium 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% silicon. Material solidified in 600 degree centigrade high temperature to resist corrosion factors.


Rolling Grill Shutters

Marshall Shutters brings you the benefit of installation, repair and maintenance of wide range of rolling grill shutters which are ideally suited for most types of Industrial and Commercial Applications. The Aluminium – zinc alloy coating offers excellent corrosion resistance. It retains the sacrificial properties of zinc related steel while aluminium provides a tough film of aluminium oxide to increase barrier protection.

Marshall Shutters continue to gain approval by Specifiers, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Builders and many other due to its versatility, Ease of use, Aesthetics and long term performance. Counter balance system for manual operation with strong and durable spring. We provide nylon belt to prevent noise, options for easy manual and electrical operation.

Benefits of Rolling Grill Shutters

  • Industrial purposes
  • Commercial purposes
  • Versatility
  • Electrical Operation
  • Barrier Protection
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Ease of use
  • Asthetics
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